Wednesday, May 24 to Friday, May 26, 2017
Room Harbor Lounges, Exhibition Hall
Sessions in mainly Japanese

Workshop is a theatre where exhibitors make 30-minute audio / visual presentations to provide technological information in depth.






Global Adaptation of FMEA to AIAG and VDA standards in Japanese Organization.
ARGO GRAPHICS Inc./Hulinks Inc.
Noboru Wakabayashi, Director Executive Officer, Product Division Hulinks Inc.(ARGO GRAPHICS Group Companies)

Teams for design and manufacturing are distributed globally and supply chain with foreign companies is common. Keeping quality worldwide by absorbing the differences in culture and in language is mandatory. Making FMEA common language contributes having common understanding, accumulating know-how, transferring knowledge. This session explains the FMEA tool for this.

Distributed measurement solution for environmental tests
TOYO Corporation
Ko Kusamura, Mechatronics Measurement Solutions/Sales Manager

Preparation time of measurement tools in the climatic chambers takes long time, because measurement equipment such as data acquisition system can’t place in the climatic chambers. Here, I offer the solution of productive testing for the test in the climatic chambers with using CAN-bus output measurement modules that can be placed in the chambers.

 Global,Innovation and Efficient Lightweight Technology
Mubea Japan Co.,Ltd
Yoshiyasu Tada /Representative Director Mitsuo Nakamura/Director,Technical Center General Manager

Mubea offers innovative & efficient light weight components for the global automotive industry. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce light weight solutions with our product portfolio

Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Composites and Application
Sunwa Trading Corporation
Shunichi Baba, President

Tepex is a high-performance composite laminate system made with thermoplastic resins. By virtue of the continuous reinforcing fiber, Tepex exhibits high strength and rigidity with extremely low weight. The thermoplastic characteristics enable the use of cost-effective parts fabrication processes, such as thermoforming.

Efficient Testing and Analysis Methods of High-speed Electric Drive System
Spectris co. ltd., HBM division
Tomo Hayashigaito, Sales / Manager, Test&Measurement Solutions

Demand for more speed and less weight in electrical drives is increasing. This calls for measurement of high- precision torque signals synchronized with electrical and CAN bus signals, temperatures or angles. In this presentation, HBM will explain how electric drive testing and analysis is done by using real measured data through “eDrive testing”, whereas all signals are recorded in one single instrument and post-processed with power analysis software. Various losses occur before electrical inputs become mechanical outputs, which can be quickly and accurately analyzed to help optimize the entire system design.

rends of Next Generation Automotive MCU Architecture and Technical Challenges in Complex Architecture to Meet Performance Goal
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Kentaro Yasuda, FAE, Verification Group

Automotive MCU has a strong trend to use multi-core architecture. Users of Automotive MCU need to consider appropriate architecture for their application to meet performance goals. Besides, existing challenges in multi-core architecture during its usage in other market segments also need to be considered. This session will introduce these trends and solution to architecture optimization.

Lightweight solutions with hot and cold forming steels
thyssenkrupp Japan K.K.
Eiichi Ohira, Manager Materials, thyssenkrupp Japan K.K. 
Recai Cetin, Customer Service, SalesAutomotive, thyssenkrupp Steel Europe AG 

We will introduce our cold forming UHSS with not only high strength but also proper elongation, hot forming steel grades including steel-composite tribond® and 1.9GPa strength grade, and excellent Zn/Mg alloy coating for steel with outer panel quality, corrosion resistance, press formability.

SaberES Designer: Platform for Electric System Design & Verification
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
“Manabu Ishikawa, Sr. CAE, Verification Group”

SaberES Designer provides design team an integrated process for electrical system design from concept to manufacturing. Come learn how SaberESD minimizes data entry, manages complex, system-wide design variants, enables concurrent engineering, maintains data integrity, and allows efficient exchange with 3D CAD.

Introduction to the sensor measurement systems for Industrial IoT and the market trend of predictive maintenance application
National Instruments Japan Corporation
Hou Kaku, Marketing Engineer

This session explains the market trend of predictive maintenance application that is a typical application in Industrial IoT. For example, what is the big data generated by sensor measurement? Why edge computing is necessary? What is the key point of applying Machine Learning?

Sensors enabling highly automated driving – Solid state LiDAR by Sensata/Quanergy
Sensata Technologies Japan Limited
Kaiji Nonaka,  Asia Engineering Director, Technology Development Center, Performance Sensing Division

Realization of autonomous driving requires a reliable, long range, high performance, cost effective LiDAR that measures position/3D shape of objects and the road. Sensata, in partnership w/Quanergy, is preparing to mass-produce semiconductor LiDAR that has no moving parts and meets these requirements.

Efforts towards higher revolution fully variable engine (ultra-high response servo valve)
A&D Company,Limited
Tetsuro Kobayashi, Mechanical Design Headquarters, Division 4 / Deputy Manager

Introduction to the performance of fully variable engines equipped with ultra-high response servos. Fully variable engines are driven by pistons with hydraulic actuators. Our newly developed ultra-high response servo valves drive hydraulic actuators at high speeds for higher revolution fully variable engines.

Case study for safe and comfortable car life with TDK-Micronas’ Hall-effect sensors and HVC
TDK-Micronas K.K.
Toshihiro Tada, Business Development/FA Senior Manager

TDK-Micronas will introduce Micronas’ Hall-effect sensors and embedded motor controllers, which are shipped out over 3 billion, with application examples.

Improving model based design efficiency with XILS efforts and new HILS currently under development
A&D Company,Limited
Tomohide Maeda, Design and Development Division 2 XILS PJ / Assistant Manager

A&D provides HILS and RPT for control development tools. The increasing complexity of control development is leading to greater adoption of MBD making the best tools more necessary as well. We present our efforts currently in development for new HILS and XILS to improve MBD quality and efficiency.

Vector Solution for Safe Measurement in Electric Motors, HV Battery & Components
Vector Japan Co., Ltd. / CSM Gmbh
Dr. Winfried Koch, CEO, Founder
This Seminar shows solutions for typical measurement tasks in High Voltage environment and highlights the Safety Concept behind. Recording of U, I, Power, Temp, Humidity, etc. in vehicles and test stands – from low speed up to 1 MHz per channel, fully synchronous with control units data, if required.

Introduction of simulation model applied dynamometer test system (HILS applied dynamometer test system)
HIRONAGA, KOJI, Dynamometer Systems Engineering Section 1/Assistant Senior Engineer

Recently, Automobile development requires the test system that applied to HILS. MEIDEN has been providing the dynamometer system can be linked with Simulation model. HILS applied dynamometer test system will be introduced on this session.

Automotive Ethernet is moving towards the introduction - Vector solution for network development.
Vector Japan Co.,Ltd.
Junichi Takemoto, Networks & Distributed Systems

As high-speed communication is necessary due to the advancement of high functionality, automobile manufacturers are adopting and developing Ethernet. Introduce the trends and challenges of in-vehicle Ethernet, Vector solutions as “16-ports” hardware “”VN 5640″” and a development tool “”CANoe.Ethernet”".

End to End Composite Simulation for light weight vehicle from manufacturing process to performance performance evaluation
ESI Japan, Ltd.
Hiroshi Niizeki, Technical Deirector, Technical Division

The continuous fiber-reinforced composite materials are expected to strike the balance between higher strength and weight reduction. On the other hand, it is considered that the fiber orientation change in the pre-forming process significantly effects on the product stiffness and strength. Because of that, manufacturing effects consideration is not negligible in order to correctly predict and evaluate the conclusive performance of the product by the simulation.

“Advanced piston ring technologies for next generation automotive engines
~ New surface treatments to improve fuel economy ~”

Riken Corporation
Keiji Honda, Ring Product Development Div. Material & Surface Treatment Engineering Dept. Material & Surface Treatment Section

To improve the efficiency and fuel economy in automotive engines, the improvement of piston ring wear resistance is strongly required of course, low friction. This is an introduction of piston ring’s OD surface treatment technology (ion plating coatings, DLC coatings, etc.) which can reduce friction and sliding property improvement status.

Improvement of auditory sensitivity for NVH engineers by Technical Listening Training
Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd
Kenichi Morio, Acoustic solution Division / section Manager

NVH engineers need auditory sensitivity to judge the difference in sound and express sound impression. However, according to job efficiency, they do not have enough opportunities to listen to sounds at their job sites currently. We would like to introduce you to the training curriculum called Technical Listening Training

Schaeffler Surface Technology enables Mobility for Tomorrow
Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.
Yusuke Oda, Japan Central R&D, Competence & Services / Material Engineer

Surface Technology is an important design element to add values on components and systems. Sensotect® is an innovative Sensor coating technology that enable strain and force measurements that have always been impossible with adhesive strain gauges due to their limited operating life. We present Schaeffler Surface Technology for today and tomorrow.







FASOTEC CAE Contract Analysis Service and High Strength Carbon Fiber 3D Printers
Eiichirou Oohashi, CAE&AM Development Center Director

・Contract Analysis Service and FASOTEC CAE Solution
・CAE Solution for Extending Product Life of Chains “”Combining 3D Mechanism Analysis + Particle Analysis”"
・Carbon Fiber 3D Printers

Psychoacoustics and abnormal noise analysis function of OR30 FFT analyzers including examples
TOYO Corporation
Keisuke Kawamura, Mechatronics measurement solutions / Senior sales engineer

The organoleptic evaluation of product sound is performed as well as reducing the noise which occurs from cars, electrical appliances and motors. In the session methods to find noise based on some kinds’ filtering efficiently and the sound quality evaluation function based on the psychological sound analysis are introduced.

Active Thermography NDT & Optical Surface Inspection Equipment
Ken Automation, Inc
Kunihiko Takao, Technical Sales Operations, Director

Introduce Active Thermography NDT system. Particular merits are not required frontend process related to ultra sound method nor radiation protection related to X-ray method. Optical Surface Inspection Equipment supports In Line Inspection for surface condition, waviness and roundness at one time measurement with non contacted methodology.

We will solve problems when building “traceability management process”
DTS INSIGHT Corporation
Yoshiaki Kariya, First Business Headquarters, Embedded Product Dept. / Department Manager

When constructing the “traceability management process”, many problems arise depending on the scale of the target project and the development situation. We will explain about the problem solving effort by giving an example of problems actually occurred in tool introduction and process construction.

Mass production of lightweight composite parts with advanced epoxy RTM/LCM/SMC technologies.
Dr. Lars Moser Senior Development Engineer

Mass production of lightweight composite parts with advanced epoxy RTM/LCM/SMC technologies.

Latest Trends in MCU for ADAS and Success Case of Applying Virtual Prototyping to ADAS MCU
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Junji Nakano, FAE Manager, Verification Group

Latest MCU for ADAS system needs complex image processing module and accelerator. On the other hand, there is a trend in use of safety specific MCU to meet safety requirements. This session will focus on the trends in ADAS MCU and success case of applying virtual prototyping to ADAS.

Sensor fusion test method – Adapt to the evolution os ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology
National Instruments Japan Corporation
Kazuya Takigawa RF Business Development Manager

With the evolution of ADAS and autonomous vehichle, testing requirements for sensor technology are rapidly changing and become more safety critical. A test system built on a flexible architecture is the best way to make sure you can adapt as quickly as ADAS and autonomous vehicle systems are.

Development of Next Generation ADAS with Leading-Edge AI Processor
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Masaaki Ideno, Staff FAE, Processor Solution, Solutions Group

Next generation of ADAS and auto-drive system requires application of low-power and high performance AI (=Artificial Intelligent) function. Embedded Vision Processor (EVP: EV6x+CNN3.0) provides IP solution with high performance and low power optimized for automotive SoC that requires image recognition by neural network. We will be introducing Embedded Vision Processor (EVP: EV6x+CNN3.0) and the latest update on leading edge neural network technology.

What is the true challenge in RDE? -Learned from HORIBA’s Experience-
Shun Fukami, R&D Engineer, Emission Engineering Automotive Test Systems, HORIBA Europe GmbH

With measuring vehicle emissions using on-board exhaust gas measuring systems, test factors such as driving environment and equipment installation now have a significant influence on test results. We will be introducing challenges and countermeasures from our testing experiences with our on-board emissions measuring device.

Introduction of Minimum telemetry system, New technologies
Matsui Corporation
Takashima Akira, Tokyo Sales Division / Assistant Manager

In-Gear NVH Sensor Solution Simultaneous measurement of strain, acceleration and temperature. Flexible integration into all driveline components. Sub-miniature size telemetry for multi-channel data transmission

Connected and Autonomous Vehicle – Rising to the Validation Challenge
Yasutaka Sato, MIRA Project, Sales Division

Future consumers will increasingly demand automated driving functions. Validating these functions by current methods is complex and costly, and probably unrealistic for SAE level 4 or 5 systems. This presentation explains the test and validation problems presented by automation, and explores how they might be overcome by alternative approaches.

From MBSE to hard & software design, virtual trial manufacture Next-generation car development solution of ANSYS
ANSYS Japan K.K.
Takashi Kotera, Technical Department / Manager

Electric vehicles are freed from constraints of the engine and the drive train, so it is possible to create completely new products with high degrees of freedom. Motor electromagnetic field and control system, heat management, embedded software connecting the driver and its system. We will introduce these latest solutions.

Moving belt system with precise force measurement for accurate simulation of tires in real road
A&D Company, Limited
Tomokazu Matsuyoshi, Mechanical Design Headquarters, Division 4 / Manager

A&D’s flat belt tire testing rig continues to evolve while being used for various applications. Their main characteristics until now were recorded data accuracy and transient testing with simultaneous multi-axis control. We present our new testing rig uses fluid bearings for an even wider range of applications.

Where’s my data? Autonomous vehicle architectures and data management
Keisoku Engineering System Co., Ltd.
Bhatia Praveen, Manager of XCube Technology
The race to create AD or ADAS capabilities has led to the need to collect massive amounts of data an hour. We present an architecture for constant time content addressable search of streaming data of deep learning algorithms, saving companies an increasing amount of time in the testing cycle.

Application examples of our products for current trends in exhaust gas regulation
Best Instruments Co., Ltd.(A&D Company, Limited)
Nakanishi Hiroshi, Design Section, Electrical Design / Section Chief

Research into catalyst light-off performance, slipping, and the effect of hydrogen as fuel is important due to exhaust gas regulations (GHG, Euro, RDE). We will present measurement equipment for the modeling of exhaust gas behavior, high response and accuracy and in-vehicle measurement all of which are required to analyze these phenomena.

Benchmarking activities for analysis and identification of potential areas of fuel consumption efficiency improvement
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Toni Fargas, Powertrain

Benchmarking for the improvement of vehicle fuel consumption is a powerful tool which allows the product to be enhanced by comparing it with the best-in-class technology. This enables solutions to be found and implemented during the development phases.

New smart-driving diagnosis methods with utilize familiar IoT equipment, and case studies for analysis predict an accident
datatec Co.,Ltd
Keisuke Shiragaki, Strategy office/ Chief

“New smart-driving diagnosis methods with utilize familiar IoT equipment, and case studies for analysis predict an accident” We propose an analysis method of driving behaviors based on large-scale drive recorder data to support vehicle driver management by classifying drivers by their skills. And, we are going to introduce also case study new smart-driving diagnosis methods with utilize familiar IoT equipment.

Updated safety assist protocols for Euro NCAP 2018
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Andrés Aparicio, ADAS

Euro NCAP has been a driving force for safety requirements over the last 20 years, and will continue setting the trend in the future. In the presentation, the new protocols for 2018 addressing active safety will be discussed, including Autonomous Emergency Braking and Lane Support Systems.

SPR (Self Piercing Riveting Systems) that have become available to fasten high-tension steel plates.
Mr. Nobuharu Naito, R&D Engineering HQ / Senior Manager

Lightweight materials such as high strength steels are more difficult for joining and fastening compared to standard steel in BIW structures. Nippon POP Rivets and Fasteners Ltd. solves this problem using SPR (Self Piercing Riveting). We offer general system and service of fasteners and fastening devices.

IDIADA’s approach to optimizing aerodynamics; the CRONUS concept car
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Enric Aramburu, Design Engineering

EV aerodynamics is considered to be both a challenge and an opportunity for designers and aerodynamicists. IDIADA will present the Cronus project, an EV compact SUV concept car with breakthrough aerodynamic solutions. The Cronus includes active and passive aerodynamic enablers that focus on key areas such as the wheelhouses and underbody.







Daicel-Evonik’s Engineering Plastics and Lightweight Technology
Daicel-Evonik Ltd.
Mitsuteru Mutsuda, Daicel-Evonik Ltd. Technical Center/General Manager Technical Center

HV, EV, FCV … many revolutionary technologies are now coming up. This workshop mainly focuses on “Lightweight Design” as a key word and explains that some new ideas for automobile based on Daicel-Evonik’s unique materials and technologies.

In-situ abortion setup with the aid of particle velocity sensor
TOYO Corporation
Kazuhiro Suzuki, Sensor Solutions / Senior Application Engineer

In-situ abortion setup with the aid of particle velocity is introduced.
Sound pressure and particle velocity are measured independently at the surface of samples in-situ and derived surface impedance. Destructive testing of material samples is no longer required. The In-situ absorption software also supports a standing wave tube.

Automotive Connectivity: Is your car secure?
Dennis Kengo Oka, ESCRYPT – Embedded Security

With advancements in connectivity and new technologies, the attack surface for automotive systems is increasing. Various new cybersecurity threats are emerging that can have major safety and financial impacts. As a result, it is imperative to understand these threats to apply the appropriate security measures on various levels, thus a holistic security approach is necessary. This talk will present a number of threats and discuss the challenges and approaches for automotive cyber security.

Driving Vehicle Innovation toward the Mobility of the Future
Dassault Systemes .K.K
Ichiro Iwai, Transportation & Mobility, Business Consulting Director

3DEXPERIENCE Platform on the Cloud and On Premises provides powerful 3D apps for Generative & Immersive product design, simulation & manufacturing with business intelligence, social and collaborative capabilities for OEM and Suppliers.

3D Measurement and Laser Technology in Automotive industry
FARO Japan, Inc
Yuta Umemura, Sales / Sales Engineer

We’ve proposed various solutions from ordinary measurements to production supports. Now we’re trying to provide not only conventional methods such as CAD data comparison but new solutions, including a decision-making process such as where to fix jig parts or how to evaluate cylinder heads volume. Look forward to seeing you.

Two-wheeled vehicle of the corresponding ultra-compact multi-logger “DLX” introduction CAN / LIN / XCP / thermocouple / analog compatible
ATI Japan
Kengo Okubo, Director of ATI Japan


Best practice for testing converged electronic vehicular control systems together with V2X and connected car technologies
National Instruments Japan Corporation
Tomomitsu Wakugawa Field Sales Engineer/Technical Manager,  
Masuharu Endo Engineering Department 

V2X and connected car trend has brought challenge to automotive engineers: how to test highly converged vehicular electronic control systems. Discuss the best practice to test such systems and learn how a test systems based on driving simulator covering vehicular control, GNSS and V2X has realized.

Introduce of ECM company who is the world’s largest producer of ceramic sensor-based engine and combustion system test instrumentation.
ATI Japan
Kengo Okubo, Director of ATI Japan

ECM’s innovations include: the ceramic sensor-based NOx analyzer, the ceramic sensor-based EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) analyzer, dynamic pressure compensation for ceramic sensors, “smart” ceramic sensors, and fast-response temperature measurement. ECM’s tools are used by major vehicle manufacturers, engine manufacturers, combustion system manufacturers, research institutions, and government agencies throughout the world.

Reducing facility investment by 95%. Simulate RDE’s altitude test at your own test bench
Go Kobayashi, Automotive Measurement Hardware Design Department, Production Division

A major challenge of RDE regulation is engine and exhaust system control in the highlands. But conventional altitude chamber is quite expensive. We propose “”Mobile Dynamic Altitude Simulator”" with appropriate emission measurement system as a reasonable engine and full vehicle test solution.

Introduction of the latest software development and Simulation technology for autonomous driving by using Model-Based Development (MBD)
dSPACE Japan K.K.
Shigeo Uno, Solution Engineering Dept. / Sales Engineer Group Group Leader

Many companies are keenly developing systems for autonomous driving. dSPACE will focus simulation development environments for ADAS development and provides effective development & cost reduction based on MBD which will show our tools chain and examples of use cases.

Functional Safety through ISO 26262 2nd Edition and Emerging Cybersecurity Standards
Yasutaka Sato, MIRA Project, Sales Division

Connected and autonomous vehicles bring new challenges in the design of their electronic systems. These include the need for cybersecurity and availability. In this seminar we will describe how standards such as ISO 26262 Edition 2, SAE J3061 and the proposed ISO/SAE cybersecurity standard can help solve these challenges.

IHS Goldfire – The solution to make a sustainable innovation by leveraging company’s knowledge.
Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Hideo Nagai, Global Knowledge Solution Dept. Data Solution Div. IT Solution BU. Sales Group Group Manager


Schaeffler’s technology in electrification of vehicle system
Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.
Makoto, Ichikawa e-Mobility and System Engineering / Manager

Schaeffler, a global automotive and industrial supplier, is already shaping “Mobility for tomorrow” and is continuing to provide various solutions for the electrification of engine, transmission and chassis systems. Schaeffler’s electrified products including e-Mobility products will be described.

Simulation of Adaptive Front-lighting Systems
Synopsys, Inc. /Cybernet Systems Co., Ltd.
Thorsten Schupp, Optical Solution Group CAE
Synopsys provides LucidShape that is effective for Automotive Head Lamp Optics design for safety night drive. In this seminar, we will show various aspects of the development of a headlamp with an adaptive driving beam, including dynamic night driving simulation, and how to solve it using LucidShape.

Case studies for improving CAE accuracy by using the non-contact multi-point vibration measurement
Polytec Japan
Tatsuhiko Hirokawa, Engineering / Leader

Due to increased usage of new generation materials and configurations in the cars, agile and precise CAE analysis is mandatory to meet the requirements from the market. This workshop introduces the latest non-contact multi-point vibration measurement technology to improve accuracy of EMA / CAE.

Chaining of manufacturing process simulation solution – from sheet metal forming to welding assembly
ESI Japan, Ltd.
Akihiro Ito, VM Solution Dept. Manager, Technical Division

In actual automotive manufacturing, the final products are made via several manufacturing process. Therefore, the effect of previous process should not be avoidable. ESI Group propose the methodology to predict the quality of the final product taking all the process effects into account.

Innovate the Car Production for Computerized & Light-weighted Cars, Leading-edge Dispensing Technology of MUSASHI.

We will introduce our examples of Latest Solutions about Next-generation Automobiles production. Our topics are below; improvement of reliability ( Waterproof, Dustproof, Heat dissipation ,Vibrationproof etc), Bonding Different materials for Light-weighting etc.

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