Wednesday, May 25 to Friday, May 27, 2016
Room Harbor Lounges, Exhibition Hall
Sessions in mainly Japanese

Workshop is a theatre where exhibitors make 30-minute audio / visual presentations to provide technological information in depth.






[New Product] Easy-to-use Sound Visualization system
Nihon Onkyo Engineering Co., Ltd.
Kazuhiro Takashima, Division Manager,

By using sound visualization, it becomes easy to understand the various phenomena related to sound. We would like to introduce a tablet pc based new sound visualization system that has some remarkable features, like easy-to-use, real-time analysis, lightweight, compact configuration, etc.

Metal-CFRP Hybrid Rubber bonding & CFRP interlaminate
Grummiwerk Kaiburg GmbH & Co. KG
Florian Plenk, Team Leader,

Kraiburg will introduce a new multi-material bonding sheet made by own special rubber compounding technology, with it’s features, bonding performance and the trial situation. CFRP interlaminate application also gives unique properties by improving damping, impact & splintering behavior. This is one of ideal solution to improve CFRP engineering Subject by adding a small cost and small weight increase.

Overview of Future Automobile Exhaust Gas Regulations
BEST INSTRUMENTS CO., Ltd.(A&D Company, Limited)
Inamine Yosuke,

Future trends in automobile exhaust gas regulations Overview of revision to European exhaust gas regulations Overview of off-cycle exhaust gas regulations New analyzer models compliant with future automotive exhaust gas regulations
・ In-vehicle analyzer system compliant with European regulations
・ High performance stationary analyzer

Latest Noise & Vibration Measurement System that Supports the Product Development Workflow
TOYO Corporation
Yoshito Morita, Senior Sales Engineer,
Mechatronics Measurement Solutions

This workshop discusses the next-generation measurement solutions that support the experiment and evaluation workflow using the OpenMDM® framework. I will talk about a solution with Mueller-BBM products handled by TOYO Corporation.

Optical measurements technology for windshield of vehicles
Springer Japan KK
OXIDE Corporation
Yasushi Tomita, Oxide-Kubota Lab.

ADAS Sensor Simulation Platform Pro-SiVIC
datatec Co.,Ltd
ESI Japan, Ltd.
Toru Tsuchiya, Technical Division

Automotive Head-Up Display(HUD) has display quality problems such as a double image and the othes. OXIDE’s optical measurement system provides a strong support for HUD display quality improvement because it is capable of measuring phenomena such as a double image and the others with high accuracy.

Large Scale Examination of Safety-Recorder® Data. In the case of Vietnam and overseas.
datatec Co., Ltd.
Keisuke Shiragaki, Chief clerk, Strategy office

We propose an analysis method of driving behaviors based on large-scale Safety-recorder® data to support vehicle driver management by classifying drivers by their skill. And, we are going to introduce also case study abroad.

Variable valve train systems reduce emissions of modern combustion engines
State of West Virginia, USA
Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG Herzogenaurach
Tomoko Yamaji, Variable System Switchable Components

Variable valve train becomes more important for future combustion engines for fulfilling next emission regulations. Schaeffler’s switchable components / Uniair system support future combustion strategies, esp. CO2 reduction for gasoline and NOx reduction for diesel engine.

What is necessary for sensor measurement systems for Industrial IoT?
National Instruments Japan Corporation
Kazunari Okada, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager

To enable Industrial IoT, the analog data measurement using various sensors is necessary. However 95% of measured data is not analyed. This session explains why most data is not analyed, and introduces the key points of sensor measurement system and the concept of “Edge Computing”.

Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics Composites and Application
Sunwa Trading Corporation
Shunichi Baba, President

“Tepex is a high-performance composite laminate system made with thermoplastic resins. By virtue of the continuous reinforcing fiber, Tepex exhibits high strength and rigidity with extremely low weight. The thermoplastic characteristics enable the use of cost-effective parts fabrication processes, such as thermoforming. ”

Introduction of the drive robot system

“The drive robot for automatic operation is mainly used for durability test of automobile. Recently, it’s used for performance test, like a emission and fuel consumption test. This presentation introduces MEIDENSHA latest drive robot system that is used for automobile performance test.”

“The Sturm Advanced Cylinder Coating System” The efficient and modular solution for the coated cylinder surfaces for engine block.
“CKB Corporation / Sturm Maschinen & Anlagenbau GmbH”
Mr. Mark Kesting and Mr. Roland Bauer

Thermal coated cylinder bore have good advantage for weight reduction, very low friction, increased heat transfer, lower oil consumption and so on. But also it has a bunch of very real problems with adhesion, spattering issue, quality stability. We introduce Sturm ACCS which these issue were solved.

Case studies for improving CAE accuracy by using the non-contact multi-point vibration measurement
Polytec Japan
Takekazu Nakagawa, Account Manager, Sales Division

Due to increased usage of new generation materials and configurations in the cars, agile and precise CAE analysis is mandatory to meet the requirements from the market. This workshop introduces the latest non-contact multi-point vibration measurement technology to improve accuracy of EMA / CAE.

World leading new technology of sealing, KOENIG EXPANDER
Matsui Corporation
Naotaka Yomoda, Tokyo Sales Division

We will introduce a new technology of sealing plug and restrictor of the SFC-KOENIG from Switzerland. You can use these products without cutting screw and using adhesives. At this seminar, we will show some applications of car components and perform a demonstration of installing plugs.

IR Thermography NDT
Ken Automation, Inc.
“Kunihiko Takao, Director Technical Sales Operations,”

Introduce Active Thermography NDT system. Particular merits are not required frontend process related to ultra sound method nor radiation protection related to X-ray method. Active Thermography method is available under dry environment and very effective to examine inside defects for each stage of development through in-line inspection.

New HVC Motor Controller by Micronas GmbH
Micronas Japan K.K.
In this session, Mr. Laschewski Ruediger, Manager Marketing Automotive for Embedded HV Motor Controller, will present the features and benefits of Micronas new Motor Control solution, including an excursus to application use-cases.

APIX3 – Enabling 4k UHD Video Connectivity in the car
“Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation/ INOVA Semiconductors GmbH”
“Jochen Schyma, Manager, Business Development. Nils Twardon, Manager, Sales. Mitsuhide Aokake, General Manager, Auto Innovation Tomoyuki Yamase, Auto Innovation”

“APIX is a well-established technology for multichannel Gigabit video and data communication in the automobile. Since 2008, there meanwhile are some 50 million APIX-nodes on the road. The presentation introduces Inova’s next generation 12 Gbps APIX3 link technology and products, new features and capabilities.”

Analysis for auto-ignition and combustion phenomenon by considering of multi-component fuel characteristics
SCSK Corporation
“Hideaki Hiramatsu, Senior Engineer, Analysis Solution Dept. Engineering Solution Div.”

We implemented multi-component fuel evaporation model and multi-fuel combustion model in 3D CFD code. This approach gives more accurate evaporation rate control over the spray evaporation and allows for the simulation of highly volatile regions in the engine which may be prone to auto-ignition.

Steel: Fit for tomorrow’s mobility
ThyssenKrupp Japan K.K.
“Recai Çetin / Eiichi Ohira ”
“・3rd generation AHSS with high elongation at high strength levels for cold forming open up new approaches to automotive lightweight engineering.
・Hot forming will be also very attractive, supported by new steel grades, multi-layer steels, coatings and processes.
・Opportunities for additional cost and weight savings keep steel highly attractive for future vehicle generations.”

CAE application study for balancing powertrain noise reduction and weight saving
SCSK Corporation
“Ryushi Moriya, Senior Engineer, Analysis Solution Dept. Engineering Solution Div.”

To refine the fuel economy, saving whole weight is an effectual approach but at same time NVH design become difficult because of changing the damping rate by material change or the vibration order by downsizing engine. The arrangement of 1 dimensional CAE and 3D FEM is a better solution to express these modeling and predict NVH with more accuracy. Several methods of NVH predication for the current powertrain is introduced in this session.

Sensata’s industry-leading small, highly accurate, internal sensors for Transmission
Sensata Technologies Japan Limited
Kenjiro Takao, Senior Engineer, Technology Development Center, Performance Sensing Division

Sensata will feature its industry-leading small, internal pressure sensors for Transmission. The hermetic, small, and highly accurate internal sensor contributes to downsizing and higher performance of Transmission. Ultra thin coin-type sensor and speed/position sensors will be touched upon too.

The Supporting Standards and Portfolio of HARTING EV Charging Connectors
Masaru Abe, Key Account Manager, Automotive & Automation





Wet Molding process technology and application examples
KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH
Philipp Zimmermann, Product & Sales Manager, Business Unit Composite & Surface

“Krauss Maffei’s HP-RTM process and it’s family process Wet-Molding were widely adopted by German automotive OEM, and we focus on these technology with features, advantages and actual developed parts. We also explain about the latest efforts of low-cost process, thermoplastic approach, as well as mass production technology development. ”

Global, Innovative and Efficient Lightweight Technology
Mubea Japan Co., Ltd.
“Yoshiyasu Tada, Representative Director. Mitsuo Nakamura, Director, Technical Center General Manager”

“Mubea offers innovative & efficient light weight components for the global automotive industry. We would like to use this opportunity to introduce light weight solutions with our product portfolio.”

The construction techniques of practical traceability process in automotive software development.
Yokogawa Digital Computer Corporation
“Yuuki Shimizu, Embedded Solution Business Headquarters Quality Verification Tools Gr. Technical Manager”

ASAM-ODS Standard-Compliant Test Data Management Framework in View of Big Data
TOYO Corporation
“Masumi Okada, Mechatronics Measurement Solutions”

“I will introduce the data management system based on ASAM-ODS (ISO-22720) standard for measured data, which is widely spread in Europe. Another topic is MDM framework, which is used for efficiently developing the environment and application software for data management.”

3D Measurement and 3D Scanning on-site – Utilization of 3D Measurement devices during production preparation period
FARO Japan, Inc.
“Fujikazu Mizunoe, Sales Engineer”

Product life cycle is getting shorter and shorter in various fields, due to addressing tremendous changes of customer needs and technology. Therefore, in Automotive industry is also required to accelerate time-to-market of new models. In this workshop, we’ll show how FARO 3D Measurement devices and scanners can be utilized on-site for the inspection and the quality control of car panel, as one of approaches of cost and time saving during production preparation period.

Flexible engine bench testing solution with iTest
A&D Company, Limited
Sugita Michiharu, Executive Officer, Deputy General Manager, Design and Development Division 2

Our engine test benches have a full range of features for performance durability and compliance from simulation to full variable testing. They offer superior scalability and flexibility for continued development while remaining relevant. Our measurement control software, iTest as well as our feature-rich accessories such as ORION, ANDROMEDA and our heat exchangers provide excellent support to our engine test benches.

COMSOL Multiphysics and case study of Toporogy Optimization
Keisoku Engineering System Co., Ltd.
Masaaki KOJIMA, Sales & Marketing operations

“COMSOL Multiphysics is the ‘Real’ multiphysics simulation software, you can model and simulate any physics-based system for electrical, mechanical, fluid flow, and chemical applications. In this session, we explain the outline of COMSOL Multiphysics, and case study of the Toporogy Optimization.”

“RDE(Real Driving Emissions)
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
“Rosa Delgado, Product Manager, Light Duty Vehicle Engineering, Powertrain”

The coming Real Driving Emissions requirement will be explained. The proposed presentation will review the current status of the RDE requirement, the application phases, equipment to be used, types of routes, the procedure, data to be collected and the calculation methods for emission test results.

Introducing the latest wirless prototyping and test methodologies for conncted car
National Instruments Japan Corporation
“Michiharu Kubo, Sr. Technical Marketing Manager”

Intorducing the latest wirless test and prototyping methodologies in order to be competitive on the next generation vehicle development in the IoT mega trend by covering cellular standards such as LTE and GSM, connectivities such as Bluetooth and WiLan, and V2X communication such as mmWave and 11p

The trend of autonomous driving in EU
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Andres Aparicio, Product Manager, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Europe is highly involved in the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles through different initiatives in R&D and policy making which aim to position the European Union as one of its global leaders. This [presentation, paper] tries to summarize these initiatives and offer a comprehensive overview of European road to automated driving.

Our extended business and services by joint with HORIBA MIRA, Ltd. in U.K
Ben Reynolds, Senior Commercial Manager – Asia, Pacific

MIRA Ltd. was established in 1946 as an official research instruments of British government, joined HORIBA Group on JUL 2015. We’ll introduce Vehicle and Test Engineering Services, leading to the world in the development of mobility, and R&D facilities named MIRA Technology Park.

Future Passive Safety requirements for the USA
IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
“Maria Odriozola, Project Manager, Passive Safety”

The Passive Safety requirements in the Unites States have recently been greatly updated so as to reduce the injuries and fatalities on the road. This presentation summarizes the different requirements (FMVSS, USNCAP and IIHS) that will have to be fulfilled when developing vehicles to be sold in this market in the near future.

How CAE tools accelerate achieving your goals in automotive lamp design work.
“Synopsys, Inc. / CYBERNET SYSTEMS CO., LTD.”
“Thorsten Schupp, Optical Solutions Group CAE”

“Synopsys provides LucidShape that is effective for Automotive Head Lamp Optics design for safety night drive. In this seminar, we talk about the trend of Head Lamp Optics design in Europe. And we show the value of LucidShape that offers a Photo Realistic Simulation images and design of Reflector or Lens from optical function.”

New Flat Belt Test Machines Capable of Reproducing Actual Road Conditions
A&D Company, Limited
“Tomokazu Oyama, Chief Engineer, Mechanical Design Headquarters, Division 4″

A&D’s reputation for success with flat belt machines and it’s diverse offerings originated from development of moving belts for wind tunnel testing. This presentation will introduce our latest device lineup and supporting data records based on the excellent stability, drive response and force measurement accuracy of our new standard model of belt test machines.

On-board emissions measurement system, OBS-ONE series for RDE regulation compliance
“Kenji KONDO, Sampling Technology, Automotive Measurement R&D Dept. PM”

Now, necessity of on-road exhaust emissions measurement is advocated, in addition to motor exhaust emission measurement on the Lab. We’ll introduce the trend of RDE (Real Driving Emissions) regulation installed on Sep. 2017 and on-board emissions measurement system, OBS-ONE series .

“Approach to the robust automotive system development ~From Functional Safety to Model Based Development~”
ANSYS Japan K.K.
Takayuki Sekisue, Senior Application Engineer, Pre-sales Team, Technical Division

Tool Qualification Method in Hardware Verification Flow Required by ISO 26262
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Hitoshi Kurosaka, Director, Global Technical Services

ISO 26262 requires software tools to minimize the risk of systematic faults in product development due to malfunctions of software tools or inappropriate development processes. In this session, we will introduce you to Synopsys functional verification flow for automotive products and tool qualification method related to ISO26262.

Driving Vehicle Innovation toward the Mobility of the Future
Dassault Systemes K.K.
Ichiro Iwai, Business Consulting Director,Transportation & Mobility

The 3DEXPERIENCE platform powering Brand Applications to deliver full capabilities of 3D Modeling, Content & Simulation, Social & Collaborative innovation and Information Intelligence Solutions to cover OEM & Suppliers end to end process.

“Shift Left” Functional Safety: Virtual Fault Mode and Effect Analysis
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Kentaro Yasuda, FAE, System Level Solutions

Safety is one of the most relevant problems in the automotive industry these days. This workshop will explain how fault mode and effect analysis can be performed and automated on a virtual prototype of a system containing mechanical, electrical, analog and digital electronic models, including the microcontroller running the same embedded target software that will ultimately run in the car.

“Techniques for simulation applied to Automotive R&D - Nano-scale traffic simulation and Scale 1:1 luminance display -”

Camera Sensing is an important feature for development of Autonomous Driving and Driver’s Assistances. This requests to use most advanced visual simulation tools for virtual testing. We will present such advanced visual also applied to nano-scale traffic simulation together with Scale 1:1 luminance display system.

ESI’s Electromagnetic wave integrated CAE Solution, for vehicle design application
ESI Japan, Ltd.
“GOTO Satoru, Customer Solution Development”

“Automotive industry focus on R&D of ADAS(Advanced Driver Assistance System), due to following factors :
- traffic safety ( reduction of traffic accidents due to driver error )
- improve traffic congestion
- fuel consumption reduction
- comfort improvement
In order to develop fully autonomous car for 2020, the number of ECUs and ADAS sensors are enormously increasing, complexity of ADAS becomes critical sooner or later. ESI Group, a leading CAE and HPC software vendor, acquired CIVITEC and its ADAS simulator software, Pro-SiVIC (Simulateur de Véhicules, d’Infrastructures et de Capteurs ) in 2015.”

Schaeffler chassis actuator technology for improvement of Chassis performance
Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.
Kaneko Kazuaki, Automotive division Business unit chassis system
To introduce the solutions by using the electromechanical actuator to improve the chassis driving performance and comfortability in vehicle. Mainly 12 V electric active roll stabilizer under mass production will be introduced in this section.





SuperGen Advanced Supercharger as a Next Generation Gasoline Engine Combustion System Enabler
Magna Powertrain
John Martin, Director – R&D and Business Development INTEGRAL POWERTRAIN TECHNOLOGY

SuperGen is a 12V-based pulley-driven centrifugal supercharger with a continuously variable transmission placed between two electric motors. It provides mild-hybrid capabilities, including start-stop, recuperation and torque-assist, and enables downsizing and advanced combustion systems, leading to a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 20%.

Case Study by distributed sensing solution based on an optical fiber sensing
Fuji Technical Research Inc.
“Jun Watanabe, Planning & Development Group Leader”

We describe the case of strain and temperature distributed measurement of automotive parts and mold based on an optical fiber sensing. Results from sensing lengths 50 meters of optical fiber with spatial resolutions better than several millimeters are reported.

AUTOSAR, Safety/Functional Safety, Security, Reuse: Let’s discuss !!!

Let’s discuss various aspects of your current challenges. We would like to introduce some of the common questions and/or concerns, and would also be happy to answer your questions. Today, we are all aware of the complications, which deters to us to move on to the next step. Let us help you to simply those issues, and share the best practices with you.

Sound source visualization for non-stationary sound fields
TOYO Corporation
Kazuhiro Suzuki, Senior Application Engineer, Sensor Solutions

“The PU-based Near Field Acoustic Camera is presented. Unlike traditional techniques, the array is comprised of PU sound intensity probes. All results can be visualized as a function of time. This means non-stationary problems can be evaluated in an unparalleled frequency range. NAH calculation which allows for finer interpolation is implemented.”

“Two-wheeled vehicle of the corresponding ultra-compact multi-logger “”DLX”" introduction CAN / LIN / XCP / thermocouple / analog compatible”
ATI Japan
“Kengo Okubo, Director of ATI Japan”

A&D’s X-in-the-Loop Simulation solutions
A&D Company, Limited
“Tomohide Maeda, Assistant Manager, Design and Development Division 2 XILS PJ ”

A&D continues to improve upon Model Based Development (MBD) processes for control development of automobiles. We currently provide HILS as a control ECU development environment and now we would like to introduce our tool chains for HILS, MILS, SILS, and PILS that further the efficiency of MBD development.

Introduce of ECM company who is the world’s largest producer of ceramic sensor-based engine and combustion system test instrumentation.
ATI Japan
“Kengo Okubo, Director of ATI Japan”

ECM’s innovations include: the ceramic sensor-based NOx analyzer, the ceramic sensor-based EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) analyzer, dynamic pressure compensation for ceramic sensors, “smart” ceramic sensors, and fast-response temperature measurement. ECM’s tools are used by major vehicle manufacturers, engine manufacturers, combustion system manufacturers, research institutions, and government agencies throughout the world.

Introduction to model based test automation with a case study of power window system
National Instruments Japan Corporation
“Eijiro Takao, HILS and Car Testing Consultant”

Introduction of Manner Sensor telemetry New technologies
Matsui Corporation
“Akira Takashima, Assistant Manager, Tokyo Sales Division”

We will introduce Manner’s the telemetry system used for automobile and aircraft development. The system is small, light and robust. It is also possible to embed in parts of actual machine. You can measure torque and temperature in actual operation conditions. We will explain how to our systems are easy to handle and have high performance.

Technical Introduction of Valve Timing Control by Electric Motor
Schaeffler Japan Co., Ltd.
Takashi Yamada, Business unit Engine components, Automotive Division

“Today precise valve timing control is getting more important because of severe requirements against emission and fuel consumption. Schaeffler introduce the electric valve timing control system which can provide more appropriate control in whole driving mode compared with conventional hydraulic system.”

Next generation of Automation system integrating chassis cell, STARS-VETS
Tesuo SASAKI, Application Sales Team, Automotive Sales Management Office

We’ll introduce Automation System of Motor Exhaust Emissions, STARS-VETS, which is compliances for exhaust emissions regulation of proven each country including HV(Hybrid Vehicle) and Plug-in HV and which integrated data information from engine test to chassis test.

Vector ADAS Solution for autonomous driving / ADAS application
Vector Japan Co., Ltd.
Masaaki Takatsuji, Local Product Line Manager, Measurement & Calibration

Development competition in the autonomous driving / ADAS application has increased significantly in recent years and getting more complexed. In this seminar, introduces Vector ADAS solution, especially focused on ADAS development platform “vADASdeveloper” and data fusion library “BASELABS Create”.

“IHS Goldfire” promotes Innovation by utilizing internal, external, and other industries’ knowledge.
“Shoichi Shimizu, Global Knowledge Solution Dept.”

Only companies, who can create innovative new products and markets and grow up continuously, can continue to be the leader of the market for the future. Why can the solution “Goldfire” to raise probability of creating innovations without a stroke of luck? We explain the mechanism of it.

Automotive Ethernet Trends and Vector Solutions
Vector Japan Co., Ltd.
“Junichi Takemoto, Networks & Distributed Systems”

“Ethernet is considered as the next generation in-vehicle network. This presentation explains the automotive Ethernet trends and an overview of the physical layer and protocols. We will introduce the solution for the analysis and the network simulation using CANoe and the new hardware “VN5640” which has switch functions and 16 Ethernet ports.”

“Come, See and Feel!” HORIBA’s development testing facilities, E-LAB
“Daisuke SEKINE, ATS System Application, System Solution Dept”

HORIBA completed the new R&D base “EHARBER” in this spring at Otsu-city of Shiga prefecture. We’ll introduce the test center named E-LAB which customers can “Come, See and Feel!”. Development with once process from components test and Vehicle test is possible in this test facilities.

The Latest Vulnerability Management Approaches for Automotive Software Supply Chain
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
“Keiichiro Hayashi, Sales Engineer, Software Integrity Group”

As software is getting more advanced and complex, the risk of cyberattacks against vehicle software becomes a real problem. This session introduces the problems of development using software supply chain, and advanced approaches to find and measure vulnerabilities using static analysis and fuzzing.

Introduction of ADAS development & simulation technology for autonomous driving based on Model Base Development
dSPACE Japan K.K.
“Issei Niwa, Senior Sales Engineer, Sales Engineering Dept., Solution Engineering Dept.”

Many OEMs are currently developing ADAS systems to launch autonomous vehicles by 2020 Tokyo Olympics. For a safe and timely launch of the vehicles, huge amount of time and money are necessary for development & evaluation. dSPACE provides effective development & testing tools based on MBD. In this session, we will show our tools chain and examples of overseas use cases.

Synopsys Automotive IP Solution Accelerates Safety in SoCs
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Shin Wada, Product Solution Sales Manager, IP, WorldWide Sales

Synopsys IP solution provides the verified SoC for automotive applications. It ensures high quality and reliability in automotive applications from vehicle connectivity, infotainment, and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). This session introduces how to accelerate the development of safety-critical automotive SoCs through the use of safety-ready IPs.

“Innovate the Car Production for Computerized & Light-weighted Cars, Leading-edge Dispensing Technology of MUSASHI.”

“We will introduce our examples of Latest Solutions about Next-generation Automobiles production. Our topics are below; improvement of reliability ( Waterproof, Dustproof, vibrationproof etc), Bonding Different materials for Light-weighting etc.”

Image Recognition System to be Implemented in a Deep Learning Approach
Nihon Synopsys G.K.
Masaaki Ideno, Staff Field Application Engineer

CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) technology with deep learning approach that has gotten attention in ADAS and surveillance camera market segments is a new solution that allows object detection and recognition without complicated algorithm development. We will introduce the design and development of traffic road speed sign recognition and face detection and tracking using the CNN engine IP (EVP).